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Honda BR-V For Family Vacation

Over more than 2,100 orders and 700 units already in owner hands, the BR-V is quickly becoming one of Honda Cars Philippines' best-selling models. Already making a name for itself by being the most affordable 7-seat SUV in the country (or a crossover if you prefer), the BR-V has heralded a youthful and sporty design, family-oriented features, and unmatched utility. Recently, we went through the steps, taking the 495 km overland journey from Isabela to Baler to Manila. With a route that combines dense mountain roads, winding coastal highways, and of course, the inevitable extreme traffic, here are 7 reasons we think the Honda BR-V should be your next vacation travel vehicle. Comfortable for drive You would think Honda engineers just jacked up the Mobilio MPV and called it a day, right? Apparently, that's not the case. The BR-V features extensive tweaking of its undercarriage. It starts off with a geometric suspension but so far has a unique body mounting point. These changes not