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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Front Engine Rear Drive Supercar

Long, sleek, and low, with the cockpit well aft, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren exudes pure glamour and extravagance, something that few mide-enigned supercars can match. It has the looks and proportions to make anyone turn and look and look. The long, long hood, looks designed for a V-12, but that's because the engine, a hefty V-8, is set well back behind the front wheels, to improve traction and handling it's in the mold of a traditional sports car. Of course, mid-engine coupes get their weight distribution right naturally and better. Even so, the sheer extravagance of the SLR McLaren, coupled with its smoothness and glamorous interior make this car one of a kind well one of 3,500, which is how many will be built. But this is no boulevard cruiser: it has an amazing specification: 626 bhp, front- engine, rear-drive, automatic transmission, top speed 207 mph, and masses of high-tech carbon fiber. No, this isn't some fantasy of a Corvette that might be, it's Mercedes-Benz