Alfa Romeo 159 Super

As we know that there are some automotive peacocks that already have broad market reach. For example, it is Toyota, Volkswagen and so on. Brand is a car brand that has been known to many people in the world. The brand has a broad range of markets because of the quality that has been understood by many people. But there are also brands of Italian-automaker that have a good quality that can compete but have not yet reach the market as a car brand that has been mentioned earlier.

Alfa Romeo did not have the market reach, but with the innovation quality of the latest model of Alfa Romeo, then predicted to have a good level of competition in the competitive manufacture of automotive products. One of the newest models released by Alfa Romeo is Alfa Romeo 159 is the Super. The advantages offered by the new model Alfa Romeo 159 Super is a design that has the aesthetic impression. Design created aesthetic design includes interior and exterior design. The Latest model from Alfa Romeo is still using a machine with a standard 2.0 JDTM.

While the generated power from the engine is 136 horsepower. Exterior design which is owned by the newest model is in the form of the use of satin to a mirror on the car door and so forth. We have advanced navigation system on the interior design is the Alfa Romeo 159 Super Navigation on interior design that has a map of Europe that will make it easier for users of European regions. Alfa Romeo 159 Super can be a superior product